Community Center Automation

Community CentersCommunity Center Automation

Community centers serve a number of purposes and can be difficult to keep energy costs down. Building automation allows for precise control of lighting and other utilities. Keep the art studio bright while dimming the lights in the meditation class. Building automation helps you achieve energy efficiency and obtain financial incentives from utility companies, all while helping the environment.

One Building, Several Uses

Unlike office buildings, community centers have many purposes. Art studios, fitness centers, daycare and other facilities all may reside in one building. Each of these purposes requires its own lighting and HVAC scenarios. Building automation allows you to control each light and HVAC zone separately in order to meet the needs of your patrons.

Building Automation Keeps Costs Down

Community centers can consume loads of energy, especially during hot summer months. Building automation systems not only control lights and HVAC, but commercial grid systems that communicate with the utility company also get money back on your utilities. Take advantage of sunlight by adding shad control and watch your costs plummet.

Save Energy, Help the Environment

Saving energy lessens our impact on the environment. Keeping your community center green not only makes its patrons proud, but also saves precious resources, allowing future generations to enjoy your services. Building automation saves the environment, one light bulb at a time.

Get Paid by Your Utility Company

Commercial smart grid solutions use the latest technology to participate in utility savings programs offered by your utility equipment. Get money back for your energy efficient equipment and/or reducing energy consumption during peak times. Building automation systems allow for automatic or manual adjustment and the changes do not affect the patrons.

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