Corporate Applications

CorporateCorporate Applications

Since lighting accounts for almost 40% of all energy costs in office buildings, it’s imperative that businesses take advantage of building automation solutions. Not only does it give you a competitive edge through reduced spending and a good reputation, but the right conference room lighting control can also lead to favorable outcomes at important business meetings.  Larger corporations looking for ways to increase their bottom line will like saving money and the financial incentives utility companies provide.

Competitive Advantages for Small Business

Show your clients that you care about the environment and are technically savvy by employing building automation solutions. Dimmers and sensors help keep usage as low as possible, while commercial smart grid solutions allow you to participate in incentive programs through your local utility company. Cut spending and make a little more, too.

Shed Light on Important Meetings

Today’s meetings are no longer presentations with hand-drawn notes on extra large notepads. They may include multi-media presentations, telephone and/or video conferencing, or a combination of these activities. Precise lighting control allows you to reduce glare, highlight the speaker, and use other techniques to get your point across. Take advantage of sunlight to make a more pleasant environment when trying to close an important deal.

Reign In Costs for Larger Corporations

Big business usually involves big bills as well, and anything that has a significant impact on overhead costs is welcomed. Building automation pays itself off quickly with savings you see from the first month after installation. Take advantage of utility incentive programs and let your electric company pay you for energy efficient equipment and load shedding.

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