Healthcare Automation


Automation is critical to the healthcare industry. From lighting control to sophisticated patient monitoring stations, building automation solutions are extraordinarily complicated and save serious money. Make patients feel comfortable, give staff the tools they need to practice competently, and meet the needs of special guests with our healthcare solutions.

Increase Patient Comfort and Staff Efficiency

The right combination of lighting and shade control keeps patients calm, permitting staff to focus on more important matters. The right lighting scenarios give staff the confidence to catch even the slightest blemish or discoloration in order to make more accurate judgments.

Home or Corporate Security Guard StationsMeet the Needs of Newborns

NICUs and nurseries need a multitude of lighting scenarios to accommodate new arrivals. Newborns with prolonged exposure to harsh lighting may experience retina damage, yet that same harsh lighting may be necessary to save a baby’s life. Healthcare demands a wide spectrum of diverse building automation solutions. Let us provide it to you.

Allow Surgeons to Practice Precision

One millimeter can make the difference between success and failure in a life-threatening situation. Bright lights are necessary for surgeons to practice, but dim lights may be needed to view x-rays and other diagnostic equipment. Our healthcare building automation solutions provide diverse answers to your most problematic situations.

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