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Home Networking and Wiring in North VA, MD and DC

Many of today’s entertainment options need the internet to work properly. This fact combined with the explosion of smart phones, tablets, wifi capable devices and laptops means that most homes no longer rely on a single computer for their internet needs. However, threats lurk everywhere and can infect even the most sophisticated systems

Security Automation Built In To Wall Integrated By Global Home Automation

Modern Entertainment Is Internet-Dependent

Did you know the average home has at least four internet-connected devices? Home networking allows your satellite receiver, gaming system and movie rental services often use the internet to send and receive information and programming. Without a reliable internet connection, these devices would not be able to deliver the latest entertainment. Home networking creates effortless internet connections.

Protect Your Systems from Threats and Viruses

Our home automation experts will setup a high-end home networking system with the latest software and hardware to protect you from threats like malware, spyware, trojans and viruses. These threats can be devastating, meaning the loss of precious data that may carry high sentimental value. Not to mention the headaches of having several devices affected and sky-high computer repair costs. It is important in any home networking scenario to have the latest in protection.wireless_home_networking

The Convenience of a Wired Home

Home networking may be wired, wireless, or a combination of both. A secure wireless connection means you can surf the web from anywhere in your home with your iPad, Kindle, tablet, or smart phone.Take advantage of the convenience of shopping from your living room sofa or catching up with your friends on social media before you even get out of bed.

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