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Light Conservation Systems

According to the lighting experts at Lutron, lighting accounts for almost 40% of all energy costs in office buildings. The figures are even higher for certain businesses (see our Commercial Applications section). In today’s competitive marketplace, cutting costs through building automation and light conservation systems are essential to controlling spending and increasing your bottom line

Use Dimmers to Slash Energy Costs

Replacing one regular light switch with a dimmer can save businesses $85 a year. Imagine what replacing 100 switches does to your utility bills! This basic technique for your light conservation system can add up to 60% in energy savings. Combine these savings with other building automation systems and annihilate those high utility bills

Security Automation Built In To Wall Integrated By Global Home AutomationSingle-Room Solutions for High Traffic Areas

Add occupancy sensors to rooms most often used to avoid leaving the lights on when a room is empty. Building automation makes it easy to create a light conservation system with this simple technique that can save big bucks. Popular for bathrooms, breakrooms and more.

Effortlessly Control Lighting for Your Entire Building

Light conservation systems work best when deployed throughout an entire building. The New York Times saved over $600,000 a year after installing a light control building automation system. The system can be as simple or complex as you desire, allowing individual control over every light bulb in your building. More sophisticated systems are available to control multiple buildings, as well.

Save Money With Energy Efficiency Utility ProgramsControl-lights-and-heating-at-the-tip-of-your-fingers-easily-globalhomeautomation-technology-integrator

Energy companies are happy to provide financial incentives to companies that help reduce the demand for electricity, especially at peak times. Utilizing a commercial smart grid in your light conservation system allows for two-way communication between your building and the utility company, including automatic adjustments when the electric company indicates they are experiencing high demand.  Building automation makes it all possible

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