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When used efficiently, daylight has a dramatic effect on your utility bills as well as your state of mind. The proper shade control systems installed by our home automation experts provide lower energy costs, greater convenience, and peace of mind. Try one of our solar shading solutions, or remote controlled shades. Protect your possessions and your bottom line with the right shade control. Have the best looking window shades on the block!

Lower Your Energy Bills With Solar Shading Solutions

Shade control systems take advantage of the sun’s heat by blocking it out during hotter months and letting it in during the cooler ones. You can even take advantage of the sun’s changing position during the day by raising and lowering shades on the eastern side (or any direction) of the house as needed effortlessly with remote controlled shades. Save even more by letting our home automation experts combine your window shades with advanced lighting and temperature control.

Keep Your Valuables Safe

Use your home shade control system to keep away peering eyes that may want to take valuables from your home. Shade control provides extrashade control systempeace of mind and can be combined with other home automation systems such as home security and lighting to shield you from harm. Your new home automation system uses your window shades to protect furniture, art and other valuables from fading due to the sun’s harmful rays with solar shading solutions. Remote controlled shades make it even easier

Shade Control at the Touch of a Button

No more pulling on window shades to adjust them and agonizing over the alignment of multiple shades on a single wall. Our home automation controls allow you to manage your shade control system from the wall, wirelessly, and even when away with remote controlled shades. Even our solar shading solutions align your shades within 1/16 of an inch. Choose from a variety of options to suit your needs.

Home Automation–A Dramatic Fashion Statement

Being practical doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish, too. Your new shade control system is available in tons of colors, styles and materials. Many of our window shade materials come from renewable sources, helping to lessen your impact on the environment, especially our solar shading solutions. A smart home that’s green, too?  Sounds like a winner!

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