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Whether looking to customize an office building or storefront, our building automation experts will create the right solution for you.  Integrate your security, HVAC, lighting control and more with the best building and/or industrial solution for you. Control costs with our energy efficiency solutions to better manage your lighting, HVAC and other systems, Keep everyone safe and protect your building with the latest in security.

Customized Solutions

Your building automation needs may not be the same as everyone else’s. Our experts will look at your current HVAC, security and lighting setup to come up with the right energy efficiency solutions for you.  If your building is still under construction, we will work directly with your architect. For more information on different ways we can help, see our commercial applications section.

Energy Efficiency With Sensors and Timers for Your HVAC

Energy efficiency is critical to managing any building, and building automation makes it easier to achieve. Using occupancy sensors and timers allows you to keep costs down by only using lights when needed. Add HVAC to your system to control air conditioning, heating and even indoor air quality.

Control Building Automation Onsite or Off

Not every building has system control onsite, which is why our systems can be used in the building or another location.  Remote control of HVAC, security and other systems is crucial for many of our commercial clients. We strive to make our building automation and energy efficiency solutions as convenient to you as possible.

Keep Tenants Safe With Advanced Security Options

Be sure to include security in your building automation system. Advanced video monitoring allows you to protect your building and the people in it. Other options such as two-way voice, timers and more keep you protected and allow you to scare off offenders before any major damage occurs.

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