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Whole Home Automation Solutions

Create the most sophisticated smart home in the DC metro area.  Control lighting and shade systems while away to save energy.  When at home, easily adjust home automation systems with the touch of a button.  The right light and shade combinations not only create energy efficiency, but provide a special ambience while entertaining guests or spending a night in.  Merge these systems with HVAC to control your heating, air conditioning and even indoor air quality.Living-room-automation-globalhomeautomation-2013-chart-of-objects-automated

Save Money With Energy Efficiency Solutions

Smart homes lower pricey utility bills by taking advantage of the sun’s heat during the cold months and blocking it out during hotter ones, even when at work or away, creating significant energy efficiency.  If saving money isn’t a primary goal, energy efficiency reduces our environmental impact.  Save money on heating and air conditioning costs–without sacrificing indoor air quality– with HVAC controls. Pocket that extra cash to enjoy more of what the DC metro area has to offer.

Control Multiple Room Systems from Anywhere

Your smart home can lower all the shades in your house from your bedroom, or turn on lights from your car.  Top-notch home automation controls permit you to change anything from anywhere, even when out of the DC metro area. Save your HVAC system from overload by remotely controlling your heating and air conditioning based on rapid weather changes to preserve indoor air quality. You can even control your system from your iPhone.

The Right Atmosphere

Make your smart home inviting to guests with lighting, shade, and audio integration, all while preserving energy efficiency.  Preserve indoor air quality with HVAC controls for heating and air conditioning. Your home automation system allows you to create preset combinations for frequent use.  Throw the best parties in the DC metro area!

Security Automation Built In To Wall Integrated By Global Home AutomationFeel Safer and More Secure

Turn on lights at night to deter theft, and integrate smart home lighting control with your home security system for even more peace of mind. Use home automation lighting controls while in the car so they will be on when you get home.  When out of the DC metro area, set your system to away or vacation mode to give the appearance someone is there, but still maintain energy efficiency.

Integrated Systems Work Together

Connect multiple home automation solutions in addition to lighting control and shading.  Create the best smart home in the DC metro area by integrating lighting with your security system and HVAC, creating the best in energy efficiency.  Add whole house audio and video, and you have a home automation system that can’t be beat.

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