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commercial-security-systemsCommercial Automation and Smart Grid Solutions

What used to take an entire maintenance team is easily accomplished by one person with our commercial smart grid solutions. Building automation experts have come up with an easy to use load shedding software, which allows two-way communication between commercial buildings and utility companies. This building automation solution combines with energy monitoring to give you the ultimate control. Load shedding is a method of drastically reducing energy usage without anyone noticing the change.

Modern Solutions, Even for Older Buildings

Lighting and HVAC controls may already be in place. Building automation can integrate your existing hardware with new load shedding software for older buildings. Or, we can work with your architect to create the best building automation system–complete with a commercial smart grid–for your upcoming project.

Work With Local Utilities and Save Money

Commercial smart grids take the guesswork out of energy consumption. When utility companies experience high demand, they send your building automation system a signal to begin load shedding. Your building automation system is contains presets for these situations that reduce energy consumption gradually to avoid disturbing occupants. You receive a financial incentive for compliance.

Commercial and Residential Perimeter ProtectionEnergy Efficiency Without Sacrificing Comfort

Load sheds usually only drastically reduce your lighting to avoid a noticeable change by the building’s occupants. Your building automation system includes presets to make the changes undetectable in normal circumstances. Commercial smart grids can also make changes to your HVAC, shade control and anything integrated with your building automation system.

Lower Utility Costs Without Increasing Labor Spending

In the past, load shedding involved sending a maintenance team out into the field to manually reduce the load. Today’s building automation systems are literally as easy as pushing a button to cut energy usage. Combining the savings in labor-related costs and utility bills allows you to save precious resources.

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