Event Center Automation

Event CentersEvent Center Automation

From small spaces like libraries to large arenas and theaters, building automation provides precise control of all of your systems from anywhere. Save money and charge less for events, allowing you to bring in more business than ever before. Get paid by the utility company for reducing energy consumption when they need it, without stopping operations or sacrificing comfort.

Building Automation–A Crowd Pleaser

Building automation allows you to control your building’s lighting, heating and air conditioning, and even shades from any location. Use a combination of wall switches, wireless controls, and/or a computer to manage your energy consumption with the click of a button. Precise controls allow you maximum control over every light in the house. Your event center will be the talk of the town with our advanced solutions.

Multiple Scenarios for One Building

Whether holding a class or a theatrical production, your building automation system allows you to create presets for any scenario. Dim the lights in the front of the house, control spotlights and other special effects from one place. Each room can have a different lighting scheme with your building automation system.

systems-integration1Save Money and Keep Everyone Happy

Install a commercial smart grid solution to participate in your utility company’s energy incentive programs. Your utility company will actually pay you for reducing energy at peak times and/or having energy efficient equipment like dimmer switches in your building. Energy reduction, also known as load shedding, takes place over time to avoid being noticed by your patrons. Not only are you saving money, but you are getting paid to be energy efficient!

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