Government Applications

GovernmentGovernment Applications

An energy efficient government saves money, reduces environmental impact, and looks great to your constituents.  Reduce your energy and labor costs with our building automation solutions.  From lighting to parking control and security systems, we have you covered.

Take the Guesswork Out of Budgeting

With diminishing government budgets, it’s important to get the most out of every dollar. Installing sensors and light dimmers can cut energy costs in half. Investing in our commercial smart grid solutions means the utility companies pay you to lower your consumption during peak times. All this can be done by one person from anywhere or automatically by your building automation system, allowing you to also keep labor costs down.

Secure the Most Important Spaces

Reduce your energy consumption without sacrificing peace of mind. Keep secure spaces secure, and control government parking lots with ease through your building automation system. Our energy efficient solutions integrate with other systems for innovative answers to your security problems. Automated parking control lets you control the flow of traffic without a costly labor force.

never-alone-art-g18ldtdc-1never-alone2-jpgLet the Utility Company Pay You

Commercial smart grid solutions employ the latest building automation technology with a two-way communication system between your government agency and the utility company. A signal alerts you to reduce consumption at peak times, and your system automatically makes the necessary adjustments. The utility company provides financial incentives for energy efficient equipment and/or load shedding.

Comply With the Buy American Act

Buy American made products, stimulating our economy and allowing your agency to comply with the Buy American Act. Choose from a comprehensive selection of lighting and other solutions. Our building automation experts will highlight American made products to help you make an informed decision for your government agency.

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