Hospitality Automation

HospitalityHospitality Automation

Whether you run the hottest restaurant in town, an elegant hotel, fancy resort or high-energy casino, controlling costs without sacrificing comfort is a high priority. Building automation provides lighting solutions, HVAC control, shade control and complete systems integration to give your guests a memorable experience without breaking the bank.

Custom Solutions for Complicated Needs

Your hotel, restaurant, casino or resort probably has a host of different scenarios and require multiple solutions. Retrofit older buildings with updated lighting and other controls, and take advantage of the sunlight in new construction by creating rooms with several windows, requiring less light. Add a commercial smart grid solution and your building automation system will actually make you money by participating in utility energy savings programs.

Home Security System and AutomationSave Money While Keeping Guests Happy

Saving money doesn’t mean that your guests go away unsatisfied. Many of these solutions go unnoticed by patrons, and some even provide a more pleasant atmosphere with natural lighting. Hotels will appreciate giving guests the ability to control shades and lighting from the comfort of their bed with your new building automation system.  Your clients will come back again and again, and you will love the combination of saving money on utilities and increased business.

Reduce Energy Consumption Without Disturbing Guests

Installing a commercial smart grid solution with your building automation system means that utility company will alert you during peak energy times. Your building automation system responds, either automatically or at your control, by reducing energy consumption slowly, in a way that doesn’t disturb guests. This reduction in energy when needed allows you to receive financial incentives on your bill. Some companies also pay you for installing certain energy efficient equipment.

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