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Lighting Control Systems like the DMX light controller are a basic function of any smart home.  From simple to complex, replacing your traditional light switches with dimmers and using home automation solutions allows you to save money, reduce your environmental impact, and create the right atmosphere for that special occasion

Save Money on Electricity

Take advantage of daylight and save on your utility bills by keeping the lights off when you don’t need them. Our home automation solutions can combine your lighting control systems, such as a DMX light controller and remote controlled lighting, with shading solutions and temperature control to create the most energy-efficient home automation you can have

Save the Environment

Replacing your outdated DMX lighting controller with our new remote controlled lighting control systems not only saves you money, but reduces your impact on the environment. Studies prove that dimming your lights saves energy. Living in a large city, such as the DC metro area, means that we have even more of an effect on the environment. We should be obligated to do everything we can to lessen that effect. Home automation makes it a breeze.

Set the Moodlighting controlle

Whether working from your home office, throwing a party, or having a cozy night in with the family, your lighting control systems allow you to set the tone of the affair. Home automation permits you to control every light in a room–with DMX lighting controllers and remote controlled lighting, for example–individually to highlight important areas and dim the lights before the show starts. You are in complete control.

Convenient Solutions With Home Automation

Program your lights for special situations like when you are at work or on vacation. Your lighting control systems can be regulated from anywhere, even your iPad or iPhone. Set your lights from your car while you are on your way home, providing extra security. Use the newest DMX lighting controller with remote controlled lighting for the latest in convenience.

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