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Home Automation for Northern Virginia, MD and DC Media RoomsHome Automation for Media Rooms

Home automation and audio solutions brings a whole new level of entertainment to your home media room. Take advantage of the latest technology and enjoy movie theater quality sound and stunning graphics from the comfort of your own flat screen television. Be the envy of your friends and let our home automation experts create the best TV room in the DC metro area

Have the TV Room You’ve Dreamed Of

Just imagine…going to the movies in your own custom-designed home media room!  Create the TV room you always wanted with home automation, complete with the latest flat screen televisions, gaming systems, high-end audio solutions and more. Design the seating arrangements, the lighting, shades, even the ideal air quality and temperature to make it your own. Have the best home media room ever.

No More Fumbling for the Right Remote

Our home automation experts will fully integrate your home media room system into one remote, with presets for your favorite flat screen television and audio solution adjustments. We can even turn your iPad or iPhone into a remote control to make controlling your TV room even easier!  Not only will you be able to control all your home media room equipment, but also your lighting and other settings, without looking around for multiple controls.

Enjoy Amazing Graphics and Crisp SoundHome Automation for Media Rooms

The latest home theater technology makes movie theater innovations affordable for even the most frugal consumers. Your TV room should include the latest high-definition flat screen televisions, gaming systems, components, and audio solutions for your home media room.  Integrating lighting and other home automation controls allows you to reduce glare and take advantage of the full spectrum of color that today’s flat screen televisions have to offer. Today’s TV rooms may even have better quality than the theater!

Bring the Media Room to the Rest of the House

While the TV room is a great place for family and friends to get together, why not bring your home media room to other living spaces such as your bedroom for a more personal occasion?  We can integrate your high-end flat screen television and audio solutions into the rest of your home to suit your needs. Watch your favorite cooking shows from your kitchen, or that show that no one else in the house likes on your bedroom television.

Ready to get started with a new home media room complete with audio solutions for that flat screen TV you just bought?  Click here to fill out our Consultation Request form or call 703.499.7676 today to speak with our home automation experts!

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