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Building Automation for SchoolsSchool Automation

With increasing budget cuts affecting schools in even the most affluent areas, it’s important to do everything possible to make ends meet. Lighting accounts for half of most school’s utility bills. Building automation helps schools save with customized lighting solutions and advanced HVAC controls.

Create Energy Efficiency In Even the Oldest Buildings

Energy efficiency is crucial in today’s world of rising utility costs and dwindling resources. Not only does building automation save schools money in the long run, but it helps preserve resources for future generations of learners. Basic solutions like dimmers and occupancy sensors have dramatic effects on your school’s energy consumption.

Save Money for More Important Obligations

Video-Central-CMS_Monitorsx300-GovernmentEven though inflation and a rising population may be facts of life for many school districts, budgets are unable to accommodate the higher costs of living and larger student body. This may mean cutting or even eliminating spending on items that have a direct negative impact on the quality of education. Using building automation for schools allows you to save on labor and utility costs, closing the gap on your deficit.

Create the Most Suitable Learning Environment

Precise lighting controls work great in the classroom, allowing teachers to dim lights in front of video screens while leaving some lights on directly over students. This simple building automation solution allows students to continue to take notes during video presentations that are easier to view due to glare reduction.  Sunlight sensors also dim lights to boost savings.

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