Single Floor Solution

Single Floor Building AutomationSingle Floor Building Automation

When building automation is only needed for a single floor, you can still employ the latest innovations that are used on an entire building, just on a smaller scale. Save money with energy efficiency solutions such as HVAC conservation for your heating and air conditioning system, and light conservation. Keep your guests and tenants comfortable with music systems and indoor air quality control.

Energy Efficiency Solutions for HVAC and Lighting Save Resources

Building automation uses the latest energy efficiency concepts to save money and reduce environmental impact. HVAC conservation keeps your heating and air conditioning costs down by putting your system on a strict schedule. Light conservation takes advantage of sunlight and keeps electric costs from skyrocketing using timers and sensors.

Indoor Air Quality Control Provides Greatest Comfort

Indoor air quality is more than just your HVAC system. While heating and air conditioning play a critical role, indoor air quality includes other factors such as humidity. Studies show that people work more efficiently when comfortable. Let your building automation system include air quality and HVAC controls, while maintaining energy efficiency

Stay Safe and Protect Your Investment

The latest security systems integrated with your building automation system are a powerful force. The use of two-way voice, video monitoring and more ensures that your tenants and guests will feel safe and secure, and may never even be aware of the threats you’ve deterred.  Combine this system with lighting to turn your building into a fortress.

Create a Pleasant Environment

People work even more efficiently when comfortable and content. Indoor air quality and HVAC keep people feeling good physically, while a music system playing softly in the background gives a mental boost. Keep it quiet in work areas, but pipe music into the break room, cafeteria and even bathrooms. You don’t have to sacrifice energy efficiency to achieve this either.

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