Healthy Furnace

Can you guess what part of the average home is more often than not, neglected? If you guessed the furnace, you are absolutely right. Everybody uses it, but nobody cleans the furnace.

Sounds familiar? Furnaces suffer in silence such that by the time mom and pop look after the telltale signs, it is already too late. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why most furnaces tend to get replaced lock, stock, and barrel.

So if you want to save yourself all the trouble, take note of some valuable clues that will tell you precisely what ails your furnace. You do not have to be an HVAC expert in order to save your own furnace.

For example, a simple perusal of your latest energy bill can readily reveal the truth about your furnace. Higher than last month? If it is not winter, the handwriting is on the wall. Something is definitely leaking.

So make the call, contact a licensed HVAC professional to have your furnace checked. As you can see, understanding furnaces is rather straight forward if you know where to look.

Or even for that matter, how to listen. Sick furnaces emit loud hisses, whooshing, and even grunt-like noises. So when you hear these things, get your furnace checked right away. Early detection can definitely save you a lot of money in the long run.

Furnaces do make some sounds, like clicks. Also, a furnace will not be completely silent when in operation. However, it should not make loud and weird noises either. So there is your valuable clue.

The whooshing sound that your furnace’s fan makes is especially suspect when you come to think of it. Do you wake up at night because your furnace fan turns on and off with that annoying sound? Get even. Call The Equalizer: your friendly neighborhood plumber for best results.

And here is yet another sign that your furnace is unwell. It feels like there is a ghost in the house, even when the furnace is running full blast. It is natural to have some parts of the house to be cold, especially those parts that are not directly exposed to the sun.

But when you are shivering for the most part, when the furnace is hard at work, there is definitely something wrong. Don’t call the Ghost Busters. Contact a qualified HVAC Orange County specialist instead.

Evil spirits or poltergeists are not responsible for your furnace’s problem. Chances are, the apparatus is burning fuel excessively. Do not wait until you receive a humongous or outrageous bill from your utility provider. Like a true detective, calling the attention of the HVAC specialists is a step in the right direction.

Don’t be shy if cobwebs are starting to accumulate along the corners or near the filter of that furnace of yours. It definitely needs help. If you have applied due diligence in keeping your furnace spic and span to no avail? It is time to accept the sad truth: that furnace is gone for good.

You are better off getting a new furnace rather than going through the ordeal of high bills to pay. Thermostat performance can also offer valuable clues about the health of the furnace. When you keep adjusting that tiny and beige gadget on the wall and nothing is happening, the heater can be the problem. Again, the repairman can evaluate the situation better than you. So never, never hesitate to seek help.